Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Fire Damage – Fitchburg home

Fire damage to this Fitchburg home began in the kitchen as a grease fire. Grease fires burn very hot creating an excessive amount of soot and smoke damage. The ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Leominster Garage

Fire damage struck this Leominster garage when a gas water heater malfunctioned. The gas regulator was the culprit, and the resulting flames burnt the water hea... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Finished Attic in Fitchburg

The A-frame attic in this Fitchburg area home was converted to a small office. During the renovation, a "short" cut in the electrical wiring led to a fire causi... READ MORE

Sterling Smoke Damaged House

The Before Photo illustrates how smoke from an open fire in a Sterling home can badly adhere to and stain all structural surfaces. The heat drove the sooty resi... READ MORE

Fire Cleanup in a Leominster House

Most house fires are not significantly destructive by nature. This one in a Leominster structure is extremely damaging. A professional cleaning and restoration ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Fitchburg Home

Fire damage was the result of a poorly placed space heater in this Fitchburg home. A flash fire was created from stored chemical products. The before photo show... READ MORE